Working together to end the HIV epidemic.

There are approximately 39,000 people diagnosed with HIV in the US each year.1 HELP STOP THE VIRUS PRO is an initiative to support your work in helping to end the HIV epidemic. The Help Stop the Virus Pro website is designed to deliver insightful, current information about treatment trends and best practices.

Treat Asap

According to the DHHS Guidelines, treating HIV as soon as possible, regardless of CD4 count, is the standard of care. Treatment may be deferred on a case-by-case basis, as clinically appropriate.2

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Consider a DHHS-recommended complete therapy based on a dual nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI) backbone plus an integrase inhibitor (INSTI).2

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Maintain suppression

Ongoing adherence to a prescribed regimen is essential for sustaining viral suppression.2 Regimens with simple administration, including low pill burden and no food requirement, help improve treatment adherence.2-5

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Establish a baseline to help guide patient care

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Treatment Goals

Set achievable HIV treatment goals

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Help patients remain on treatment

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Secondary Transmission

Help prevent secondary transmission


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